Company Establish With Foreign Partners in Turkey

Persons who do not have Turkish citizenship can establish a company in Turkey. The easiest
way for this is to establish a Stock Joint Company or Limited Liability Company.

Foreign persons who establish a company in Turkey are treated like Turkish citizens.
There are no differences in matters such as tax rates etc. A single foreign person can also
establish a company in Turkey. They alternatively can be a partner with a citizen of Turkish
or any other countries.

What are the documents required to establish a company with foreign partner in

Required documents should be handled in two parts;
Documents for all other companies for the establishment and documents related to foreign
partnership company.

What All Companies Should Do During the Establishment Process?

Determination of company name: Foreign words can be used in the company title. At least one field of activity must be in the title.

Determination of company address: You can rent or buy an office or alternatively you can rent addresses from virtual offices that provide legal address services.

Determination of a field the company will be established: A field of activity should be written in the title of the company. For example “Hannover Software Ltd. Sti”. Activities that are compatible with the software business will be written to the company’s articles of association.

Determination of Company Partners and Capital: Several foreign persons can establish a company together.
In this case, it is necessary to determine shares between the partners. Company manager need to be determined. In a single partner company, the partner will also be the company Director. Capital must be 10.000 TL for a Limited Liability Company and 50.000 TL for a Stock Joint Company.

What are the documents required for the Foreign Partner?

Valid Passport, document showing the address in the country of residence, Turkish
translations of these documents.
1 passport size photo, power of attorney from a notary public, a sworn translator for those
who do not speak Turkish are required.

Can the company partner establish a company without ever coming to Turkey?

Yes, it can be established. If you go to the Turkish Consulate in your country of residence
and give a power of attorney to establish a company, you can establish it without coming to
In addition, you can make the circular of signature, which you need to issue after the
company is established, at the consulate.

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